Under the guidance of Professor Piet Rossouw, a breeding projects was registered at the Pretoria Technikon in 1998, with various breeders across the country as members. The purpose was to breed a horse known for his endurance, good temperament and riding comfort. Prof Rossouw undertook a research project to visit various breeders across South Africa to obtain information and get their various opinions. With the breeding project they have attempted to breed a horse with all the elements obtained in the research. After all the information and knowledge had been collated, the breeding project was launched. A couple of these breeders formed a club called the Cape Riding Horse Breeders Club (CRH) and under the guidance of Prof Rossouw they decided on families and breeding pairs. With this a standard has been set, later known as the Evaluation Process of CRH. 

Before a horse can be acknowledged as a Cape Riding Horse, they must first go through the Evaluation Process. If the horse does not pass the evaluation, they will no longer form part of the breeding project. These horses, still classified as a Cape Riding Horse, but not being used for breeding purposes, are then used for trail rides, farm work, showing, etc. Although not breeding quality, they are still excellent horses. The Evaluation Process looks at the horses character, riding comfort, temperament and how the horse react to different people. 

We have various horses for sale in different disciplines, from trail horses to jumping etc.

Prices range from R12 000.00 up to R20 000.00.

Kindly contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the various breeders information. Viewing off all the horses welcome on prior arrangement.

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