We offer riding lessons on an informal basis (no competitive riding) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


30 minute lesson once a week – R450.00 pm
1 hour lesson once a week – R550.00 pm

General information:

-    When you join the lessons you automatically become a club member.
-    Club members are required to become a “Friend of the Monument” (more information here).  Friend of the Monument membership is R250.00 per year, joining forms is available and payable directly at the main gate (this is not part of your club fees, but payable separately to the Monument.  You will receive a card from the Monument which will provide you with free access at the main gate).  The Friends of the Monument is renewable every year in March.
-    Club fees are payable before the 5th of every month.  When you join the club we will register you on the Pastel Invoice System.  You will receive a monthly invoice. Fees is payable by EFT or you can make use of the card facilities at the office.
-    Club shirts are for sale once a year (on order only)

**please note that lesson time includes time spend on learning how to groom, saddle & unsaddle the horse.  It is very important to us that you know these skills as well.  So this means that the riding time sometimes may be a bit shorter and the rest of the time will be used for grooming, saddling etc. During school holidays we send out a program in advance on when the rides will take place as we follow a different program then.

Kindly contact us for application forms on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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